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Functions of DIC                                                         
The District Industries Centre with the General Manager as Head of Office is supported by functional Managers and technical Officers.   The DIC is providing services to the entrepreneurs with necessary escort services for the new enterprises and guidance for the existing units to grow.  All the schemes of the Department, specially MSMED Act 2006, MSMI Policy 2008, Single Window clearances, Subsidy schemes etc. are implemented through this DIC. The functions of DIC are

    1. Conducting Motivation Campaigns in Block level and Counseling and guiding the entrepreneurs
    2. Conducting Single Window Committee meeting periodically to get the clearances fast from different agencies like TNEB, Local body, etc.
    3. Preparing technical feasibility report whenever the financial institutions ask for.
    4. Issuing Acknowledgements under MSMED Act – 2006
    5. Implementing the Subsidy schemes for MSMEs as prescribed in the MSMI Policy 2008
    6. Issuing registration certificates for Cottage and Handicraft industries.
    7. Conducting Task force committees to select the beneficiaries under UYEGP Scheme.
    8. Assisting first generations entrepreneurs under the NEEDS Scheme.
    9. Conducting seminars, work shops etc. on industrial development and related subjects.
    10. Formation of Industrial Co-operative societies in the district.
    11. Recommending the industries for awards of State and Central Governments.
    12. Identifying the sick units and assisting them through District Sick Unit Declaration Committee.
    13. Assisting the MSEs to get their long pending dues from their borrowers through Micro & Small Enterprises Facilitation Council.
    14. Recommending MSMEs to get actual users certificate to obtain concession in the rate of customs duty while importing capital goods.
    15. Assisting the entrepreneur to get scarce raw material
    16. Assisting the entrepreneur to get the industrial license, if needed.
    17. Assisting SC/ST entrepreneurs under 20 Point Programme.
    18. Conducting regular meeting with local MSME association to solve any particular problem.
    19. Associating with various Departments / Government agencies like TAHDCO, TABCEDCO etc. for the upliftment of the entrepreneur belonging to the socially weaker sections.
    20. Providing guidance to industrial exporters through the Export Guidance Cell.

Administrative Setup